Spivey Hall fosters student engagement

MORROW—Spivey Hall’s new Education Director, Melanie Darby, is seeking to build life-long relationships with the administrators, faculty, staff and students of Clayton State University.

In 1986 land developers, Emilie Parmalee Spivey and Walter Boone Spivey created The Walter & Emilie Spivey Foundation in support of fine music programs. As an organist and patron of the arts, Emilie Spivey and her husband donated $2.5 million for the construction of a concert hall to Clayton State’s founding President Dr. Harry S. Downs.

Spivey Hall opened its doors to the public in 1991. Since then, it has showcased more than 600 talented musicians. This one of a kind concert hall is a critical resource to both the Clayton State and Clayton County communities.

“Emilie Spivey and Clayton State’s founding president, Dr. Harry S. Downs, created Spivey Hall to present the world’s foremost classical musicians in concert for music-lovers in metro Atlanta and beyond and to provide a rehearsal and performance venue for Clayton State faculty and student musicians as well regional music ensembles,” said Samuel Dixon, Executive & Artistic Director at Spivey Hall.

Spivey Hall
Spivey Hall

“For years campus tours have met in the lobby of Spivey Hall as a meeting place, only to disperse to other buildings on campus. It is my goal as the Director of Education, to increase studentship at Spivey,” said Darby.

Both traditional and non-traditional students can benefit from journeying to Spivey Hall. Most students do not even know where it is located, what goes on there nor what it has to offer.

Spivey Hall is located on the Clayton State Campus near the Continuing Education Building. It is adjacent to the Music Education Building.

Spivey Hall has the capability to seat 392 guests. In the past it has been used to host orientations, convocations, forums, musical theatre and opera productions. “The acoustics of Spivey Hall permit the audience to enjoy fine music at its best,” said Dixon.

The Hall is also a place of enlightenment. Thousands of students journey to the concert hall to gain exposure to a broad variety of cultural music. The Hall offers outreach programs and monthly concert series for the youth. “Spivey Hall spotlights world renown artists from all around the globe in our Spivey Concert series,” said Elise Marshall, Education Assistant at Spivey Hall.

“Music thrives at Spivey Hall. It is our goal to provide fine music educational programs to the Atlanta area. We offer daytime concerts for children of all ages. We welcome Clayton State students to attend as well,” said Marshall.

Most importantly, Spivey Hall is a place of professional development. The Hall is planning on setting up a series of internships to cater to Clayton State students interested in marketing, music, and writing in the coming semesters.

Spivey Hall offers $10 student tickets, free concerts, and pre-concert talks. All students have to do is present their Laker Card at the Spivey Hall box office to obtain a pair of discounted tickets.

If you have not been to Spivey Hall you should definitely schedule a tour or make arrangements to attend an upcoming performance.

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