Fashion New Years Resolutions

New Year, New Me! Every year we say the same thing and make resolutions that we never keep or follow up with. We make declarations about our love life, health, career, but what about having a more stylish life? Instead of calling them resolutions think of them as promises to ourselves that will actually help us live better, more fashionable lives in the year to come.

There are some key things every woman should do when trying to revamp her wardrobe for the New Year. First, start by going through your wardrobe and making some changes. Tried and true definitely has its place in every woman’s wardrobe but items that go untouched should be brought out and should either be donated or altered. An economical way to get rid of clothes and to snag new items is to swap your old ones. You can do so by hosting a swap party or by trading them online; a really cool site is This saves you money and you are able to trade with people around the world, which gives you an opportunity to find styles that are more distinct from everyone else’s. I know that there are special attachments to certain items in your closet but you won’t get the most of your money if they’re stored away. A great way to bring items to life is by altering them or by mixing them with classic pieces and having fun with accessories.

After going through your closet, it’s time to make a list of which key pieces you need to make your New Year more fashionable. For those of you who love rocking the season’s best trends, I have found some of 2010 trends that are still on the radar. Number one on my 2011 must keep list is the classic white shirt. This piece makes an outfit look effortless and crisp and can be paired with almost anything. Number two, Animal Prints, this trend is ageless and when done correctly can be amazing. Just remember not to go overboard; keep it minimal with just a scarf or a purse. Accessories are always safe when it comes to this trend. Another favorite look from 2010 that is guaranteed to be hot this year is sequins; don’t be afraid to “sparkle in the daytime”! Shimmer is not only for a nighttime look; just pair it with neutral colors to make the look more relaxed. A look that I just couldn’t get enough of last year was the nude color trend. Nude color shoes are amazing to elongate your legs. Nude is the new black. It’s fresh and sexy; just match your skin tone to the shade of nude to maximize the effect.

Fashion New Years
Fashion New Years

Accessories are a “must have” in every woman’s wardrobe, and that’s why incorporating more accessories tops my New Year’s fashion resolution. I’m not too fond of Jewelry so I try to compensate with other cool accessories. Some of the top accessories that make the list are: tights, a clutch for daytime wear, and a menswear watch. Pairing tights with a boring outfit makes it come alive; they are expressive and fun and are guaranteed to get attention. The clutch is another night time favorite but when worn as a daytime look it’s unexpected and makes a casual look more edgy and sophisticated. Don’t forget, it’s also practical and convenient when you don’t want to carry a heavy purse around. The next accessory is by far my favorite of all, the menswear watch. This look is guaranteed to grab attention wherever you go! It toughens up your look and adds an unexpected sexiness and it’s a great way to not use your phone as a clock.

So what are some trends that should be left back in 2010? Gladiator sandals, plaid, harem pants, leggings, jumpsuits… I could go on but I won’t. Being trendy can be a good thing when it’s done right but when it goes wrong, it can be horrific! Always remember to wear what suits your personality. Just because your favorite star is caught wearing it and she actually pulls it off doesn’t mean you’ll have the same luck. Have fun this year and remember when you look good, you’ll feel good!

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