The issue of parking

MORROW—Parking, Wow! So much to say – where must I start? Parking, at the least, is simply ridiculous. As we all know the parking has been greatly affected by the construction of the new science building.

While this was a great idea it was not well thought out. Whenever construction is taking place there will always be inconveniences. However, part of ‘good’ planning for construction considers solutions to the possible inconveniences, and a way to possibly avoid the inconveniences if possible.

Parking was a problem before the construction began, therefore this issue should have been a priority during the consideration of construction – considering it would eliminate a whole parking lot.

Clearly, this along with many other problems was definitely NOT considered. Students of all ages and health statuses are now forced to walk long distances from the university apartments across the whole campus, only to be late to class (even when leaving home earlier than usual).

Students burn more gas by simply looking for parking spot on a sunny, dry, hot, cold, humid, and/or RAINY day. This is just one of my daily frustrations. The most pressing frustration stems from having to leave almost an hour to an hour and a half early just to get a good parking space AND make it to class ON TIME.

The issue of parking
The issue of parking

Lastly, safety! The parking situation has also created a safety issue. Students are now fighting over parking spots, flying down lanes to beat each other to parking spots, and walking in and out of traffic to shorten the walking distance by a few minutes. What will it take for someone to notice this issue? Will it take a bad wreck? Will it take a horrible fight? Or will it simply take an innocent student being hit by a car? Something has to be done and soon!

I recognize that I will probably get a few frowns for my opinion. Hence, this is MY opinion. I may even get an e-mail or two from higher authority, but perhaps my voice will make some difference and help to positively change the situation that my fellow classmates and I face daily.

Hopefully this will go beyond just parking and extend to the safety of all campus residents as well.

Here are some Suggestions that will alleviate the flow of traffic:

Do away with the reserved parking areas, not including handicap.

Provide a golf cart, van, or mini bus service for quicker mobility and convenience.

Consider purchasing the vacant parking deck across the street from the main gate, and provide a mini transportation service such as a ‘LakerTrans’ bus service from the parking deck to the campus. In my opinion this should be considered long term, because once the building and construction is complete – we will still be two parking lots short!

Consider a mini transportation service from Clayton Station Apartments to the campus.

Stop all construction/landscaping vehicles from traveling during peak hours of the day.

Move the parked bobcat out of the third parking spot on the first row in Lot K.

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