I am basically a super sophomore. I am originally from Carrollton, Ga but I always tell people I am from Douglasville just because I have lived in the area almost all my life. I want to be a TV analyst. That is my dream job—or a TV show host. I love media because of the publicity that it gives people. I am a model, and I am also starting up a clothing line; besides both of those, I do like sneakers and basketball. My favorite quote is " You find inner peace inside heaven and diamond pieces inside of hell.” It’s by Kendrick Lamar. It's a moral which I also have tattooed on my arm.
Nahtyka Jolly, a sophomore from Columbus, GA is a staff member with the Bent Tree. Within the next ten years, Nahtyka aspires to become an editorial director for a well-established fashion magazine. Nahtyka’s love for media stems from her many years as a news reporter during her middle and high school years, but her love for writing has significantly increased due to her love for poetry. Nahtyka is the current reigning Miss Alpha Phi Alpha for the Tau Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and she is a strong believer that the road less traveled is often the one most enjoyed.
Jarrod Hester, is a senior wizard here at Clayton State originally from Dekalb County, Georgia after moving from Hyrule. After giving up on his dreams as a Pokémon trainer and world Yugioh duelist, he seeks to find a career doing something that will just make him money to live. Jarrod loves that media is a medium that provides information and allows for people to formulate their own opinions about media coverage. His favorite show is Bojack Horseman on Netflix and he loves animé, video games and cosplay more than any 21 year old man probably should. Jarrod lives by a quote from the infinitely wise Yoda who stated, "Do or do not, there is no try".
Cree Cornish, a junior majoring in Communications at Clayton State, was born in Hammond, La but raised down the street from Turner Field in Atlanta. Before she loses her spunk, Cree plans on starting her own PR and content management company. She fell in love with media in third grade as her school's weather girl for morning broadcasts. The most interesting thing that ever happened to her was when she saw a jogger headed toward the jaws of a gator walking down the street near the Kennedy Space Center. She imagines that he ran away like Road Runner, but she doesn't know for sure. Her favorite quote is "Don't touch my hair," by Solange.
Aliyah Hornsby, a sophomore from the windy city of Chicago, Il, is a staff member with The Bent Tree Newspaper. With a passion for writing and media production, Aliyah aspires to let her talents lead her to a path of writing and producing for movies and television. Her love for media started when she was a child. Those were the days when she would set up her own movie set. Aliyah was the star, director and producer of her fabricated motion picture. In spare time, Aliyah loves to meditate and create at-home skin care products. Aliyah lives by the quote of the legendary Iyanla Vanzant stating “Breathing deeply and releasing fear will help you get to where you want to be.”
Chase Lawrence, a current senior at Clayton State University from Hampton, Virginia, is a staff member of the Bent Tree. He aspires to excel at the art of photography and videography. As a lover of pictures, even the moving ones, he has always sensed a mysterious amusement with memories and experiences frozen in time. He also has a passion for music which he expresses through dance and DJ-ing. He appreciates the Dr. Suess quote, "Don't cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
From Charleston, South Carolina, Constance Gross spent the last year attending Clayton State University as a freshman studying communications and media. Her career aspiration is to become a broadcaster and deliver honest, positive, and reliable news to people who are tired of turning on the TV and radio and seeing negative and dishonest news. She loves media because it's entertaining and keeps many people up to date with things going on around the world. Constance enjoys playing tennis in her free time. Lastly, her favorite quote is "If you fall, get back up."