Over the summer, I am taking two online classes, and I am required to pay for parking. How.

Like many prestigious institutions, Clayton State offers a variety of summer classes for its students, which is often used to boost GPA’s, as well as an opportunity for students to lessen their class loads in the fall. However, paying for these classes can be quite disheartening.

A couple of quick facts:

1. In order to use summer financial aid, you need to take at least six credit hours.

a. If you are a graduating senior and you only need one class to graduate, you WILL be paying out of pocket unless you add an extra class.

2. Even if all of your classes for the summer are online, you will still pay as if you were using all of the university’s facilities.

a. If my classes are online, survey says I will most likely not be on campus. Why must I pay for parking?

As beneficial as summer school sounds, for some students, I don’t find it feasible. There seems to be an obstacle always preventing individuals from being able to better themselves.

College itself can be a hassle, with the steep tuition and the books that cost car notes. However, summer school should be a more relaxed process. Students turn to summer school as a way to continue their education in a less stress-filled environment. Why make life harder than it already is?

Don’t mind me; I’m just venting.

Author: Nahtyka Jolly

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