It is now Tuesday, August 23nd 2013 and today was a pretty good day. It was one of my short days, as my schedule lists I have three classes on Mondays and Wednesdays and two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have now attended all of my classes and met all of my professors, and quite honestly, I love them all. One of the main reasons I didn’t have a huge problem attending this university is because I felt that due to the size the classrooms wouldn’t be filled with 250 kids in one class, and I was right. The class sizes are awesome! Transitioning from a homeschooled kid to a public university seemed pretty overwhelming in the beginning, simply because the brief time I was attending public school I hated it. However, this school has an entirely different feel when it comes to the classroom atmosphere. Of course, yes, this is college, and it’s supposed to be a dramatically different experience; but just from speaking to my friends from Kennesaw State or my sister at Georgia State they can’t say the same for their classes.

Now someone may draw from that that all small schools would feel this way, but no; Cause another thing that I loved about my classes were my professors. I have heard tons of horror stories about college professors, so I was terrified every time I entered a new class. Yet, I genuinely enjoyed all of them. They were polite and didn’t seem to be looking to fail me. I even cried in front of my English professor, because I felt that I was a horrible writer, but she assured

me that everything would be fine and that she would work for hand and hand with me to develop better writing skills. After today I have so much hope for my experience here.

Author: Katt Williams

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