It’s Sunday, August 21st, 2013 and today is my first day a Clayton State, great. Not to sound too down, but this wasn’t necessarily my first college choice, and I don’t really know what to expect. I literally missed the entire week dedicated to freshmen learning about each other, because I honestly had no clue I was attending Clayton State until Friday! So far all I have done is move into my dorm; which, compared to other schools I have visited, is pretty nice and spacious. I have three roommates who I haven’t gotten to know very well; However, I can say right off the back they appear to be the total opposite of my friends back home. This school seems to be an HBCU (Historical Black College University), but because I know there isn’t much history behind this institution, I guess I would just call it a BCU (Black College University).

I am not looking forward to this 8:25 am class that I feel like I was forced into by my “advisor,” whoever that is, and I have no clue what a James Baker is but that is where my class is, and I hope to God it’s not far.

Author: Katt Williams

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