March could not have started much better for Clayton State University. Our annual day of giving, Give4Dreams exceeded all expectations. A nine-hour live broadcast inspired 393 generous donations, accumulating in an exceptional $143,481 raised. One significant donation came from one of the school’s newest partners – Bojangles’, Morrow! The famous chicken restaurant raised an impressive $3000 to help make students’ dreams real…

The Bent Tree caught up with the restaurant’s general manager, Daimon Cobb, to find out how Bojangles’ raised the money and the difference they hope it will make to CSU students.

JC: Bojangles’, Morrow raised a remarkable total for Clayton State’s Give4Dreams this year. How did you do it?

BC: We asked our customers to make donations to help raise money for the university. To show our appreciation for their donations we gave them a free Bo-Berry Biscuit coupon.

JC: What was the general response of your customers to the initiative?

BC: Our customers were amazing and so willing to help with this initiative. It was great to see everyone support the community and the local university.

JC: In the reasonably short time that you have been partnered with Clayton State what impact do you feel the two have had on each other?

BC: Since partnering with Clayton State we’ve had a great opportunity to be more active in the community and school. We’ve become advocates for the university. It’s been great to have as them supporting our restaurant.

JC: Is there anything in particular you would like to see the money raised benefit?

BC: A portion of our donation went to support Veteran’s Service and another part towards Spivey Hall Children’s Choir. However, anything that contributes and encourages furthering education, we are all for it.

JC: Have you got any future collaborations planned with CSU?

BC: We want to play an important role in the development of Clayton State and build stronger relationships throughout the community. We plan to continue to support athletics, hire CSU students, and find other ways to collaborate where needed. We want to support the university and be a strong corporate partner.

JC: How can CSU students help Bojangles in return for everything the store is doing for us?

BC: By the students striving for and continuing in excellence with their education we are proud of their efforts in molding themselves to make our community a better place – that’s the ultimate contribution. We are always looking for great employees if anyone is looking for a job and of course, we invite you to dine with us any time! 10% off with Laker ID!



Of course, the incentive succeeded – who doesn’t love a free biscuit! The Bojangles’ partnership with CSU has already produced some fantastic results, and we are excited to see what the future will bring!

The Bent Tree extends their appreciation to not only Bojangles’ and their generous customers, but to everyone that gave for dreams this March! The donations really will improve the lives of students across campus.

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Author: Jessica Charman

Jessica Charman, Editor-in-Chief
Communications and English Double Major

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