College is a time for learning and figuring out what career option is best, but it’s also a time for figuring out who you really are and in some ways finding one’s self. Many college students are sexually active, although there isn’t anything wrong with having sex, there comes a time when we have to see the man or lady in the white coat. Many students aren’t aware that there are resources around the school that can make getting checked out easier without the extra hassle. Here are some things our campus offers to make getting an appointment and maybe even a free test!

* Monday’s and Tuesdays the Health Department on campus located on the side of the 1000 building offers free STD testing, which includes HIV test. This STD test result takes up to two weeks to get back to you in the form of a call or email, and the HIV test takes up to 15 minutes to get the results back.

* You can also go to the University Health service website here On this site, you can find out the cost of services, and it also gives you tips and information about health issues that may concern you and if you should come in to see the doctor. Being a student gives you discounted prices on treatments and services and the school also offers insurance.

* Taking a friend or two with you can also ease the worries of being in the doctor’s office.

Going to get a checkup doesn’t have to be a scary nerve wrecking process, the doctors and nurses on campus are really nice people who show concern and comfort. Getting in early to see if you have anything or not is a good thing, because if you were to have anything it could be solved and treated to stop any further damage, so you can be a happy, healthy student.


Author: Constance Gross

From Charleston, South Carolina, Constance Gross spent the last year attending Clayton State University as a freshman studying communications and media. Her career aspiration is to become a broadcaster and deliver honest, positive, and reliable news to people who are tired of turning on the TV and radio and seeing negative and dishonest news. She loves media because it’s entertaining and keeps many people up to date with things going on around the world. Constance enjoys playing tennis in her free time. Lastly, her favorite quote is “If you fall, get back up.”

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