Yesterday, students roamed the campus dressed in the freakiest, the cutest, and classiest costumes! Here is a freaky-flashback of the characters making an appearance!


Harley has been dressing as Espion “for the last couple of anime conventions.” She also loves the costume because it is purple!

Flynt Coal

Brandon decided to go as Flynt Coal from the anime series RWBY. He went as this character because he “likes the character design… and likes how [Flynt] uses musical instruments as weapons.”


Tori dressed as the Pokémon Blastoise for a convention in Atlanta but decided that it, too, “would be great for Halloween!”

Yang Xiao Long

Kai is dressing up as character from RWBY also. She wanted to use her creative expertise and duplicate Yang’s newest costume. It also the “first costume [she] ever made.”


Author: The Bent Tree

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