2016: The Year of the Nerd

By Jarrod Hester, Movie Reviewer

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With eight superhero movies being scheduled for release, 2016 is shaping up to be an extremely exciting year for Marvel and DC fans alike. This more than doubles the amount of comic-book adapted films released in 2015 (Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fantastic Four).


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been debuting movies left and right, exploiting a plethora of fun and unique characters that audiences know and love. They have also included others that may not be so familiar to the average viewer. However, DC has procured a forthright path by sticking to popular characters such as Batman and Superman to appear on the big screen with no correlation to a grander, more connected cinematic world, until now.


In 2016, DC will begin truly designing their movies to connect, with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. These two movies will indicate the commencement of DC’s journey towards a Justice League film much like Marvel’s ‘Avengers’.


Yet, there have been doubts surrounding the studios projects already. Firstly, the Batman vs. Superman casting choices have caused an uproar among fans. Many fans displayed their discontent on social media with the decision to go with Ben Affleck as the new Batman or even Jesse Eisenberg as a hair possessing, youthful Lex Luthor. Also, fans have identified that a particular trailer reveals too much plot, making the movie easy to interpret with nothing left to the imagination.


These two DC projects are no doubt chancier than Marvel’s already successful movie cosmos that has over 10 films under its belt with a proven track record to bring in money and positive ratings. It is to that success that Marvel is intensely amplifying the amount of movies they will release this year, with a total of six films being scheduled; that number not only doubles the amount of DC movies being released this year, but also doubles the total amount of films that Marvel put out in 2015.


Probably the most anticipated Marvel film will be Captain America: Civil War, which will pit the former teammates Iron Man and Captain America against one another, initiating a sequence of films that will no doubt keep everyone watching on the edge of their seats.


However, Marvel has also begun making films about superheroes who aren’t as popular as the more well-known Avengers or X-Men. For example, the concept of an ‘Ant-Man’ was received with much hesitation by many movie goers, but it has proven to be a huge success critically and financially because the company maintains faith in its fans and ability to produce triumphs that connect well with audiences. Their only theatrical failure as of late has been The Fantastic Four, which did poorly in the box office and received abysmal critical reception.


As for myself, I’m excited for every movie coming out of 2016! It really is the year of the nerd.


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Author: Bent Tree Staff

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