Heartbreaking Buzzer Defeat Sums Up Laker Men’s Basketball’s Season

By Jessica Charman


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It’s been a turbulent start of the season for Clayton State University’s Men’s Basketball team. Under the new leadership of Coach Jimmy Link, the Lakers currently sit 8-6 (3-4 in Conference).

Link’s Lakers four conference defeats have resulted from just 13 points total difference; in three games they were defeated by two or less points. This clearly shows that, while the Lakers are picking up defeats, they are just minor errors away from putting together a run of victories.

Unfortunately, that run did not begin on Wednesday evening. True to form, the Laker’s picked up a heartbreaking buzzer defeat against Georgia College Bobcats.

Despite dominating the first half, with a lead that stretched to 18 points within 10 minutes, the Lakers could not continue in such vain. Instead the Bobcats were able to close the gap to just one point within the first half.

The two teams would share the lead throughout the second half, with no team able to string together consecutive plays. With high levels of turnovers from both teams, and both teams shooting below 50% from the field, the game was particularly scrappy.

A tense last minute of play saw the game within the grasps of both teams. However, it was the Bobcats’ star man Terrell Harris who took charge. He sunk a clinical jump shot on the buzzer. Harris’ composure took his game total to 28 points and handed Georgia College the victory.

While disappointment overwhelmed the Lakers, one player would have every right to be satisfied with his individual performance. Junior, Alfonso Davis, tied a school record unmatched for 17 years. Davis’ 19 rebounds have only been matched by Laker Alum’s Flono and Herring, both playing in nineties. Davis’ impressive performance saw him also tally up 28 points, a career-high.

So what’s in store for the Laker Men’s Basketball?

With twelve games still left in the Peach Belt Conference, time is on the Lakers’ side. Should they be able to pull together a streak of wins, they can still challenge for a spot at the Conference Tournament.

One thing is for sure, Coach Link and his Lakers will be hoping they can sharpen up on a few costly errors in order avoid any more buzzer heartbreak.

Catch the Lakers in action on Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (01/18/2016) against the UNC Pembroke Braves. Ladies tip at 1:30 p.m., with the men following at 3:30 p.m.


Author: Bent Tree Staff

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