The Lakers MLK Day Thrashing

By John “Juice Man” Harden The Lakers came out well prepared and ready to play with Junior Justin Tuckson from Stafford, Virginia starting the game off with a three for the game’s first points. They decided early in the first half that they would make their presence felt in the paint with Redshirt Junior from Orlando, Florida JaCarl Owens driving to the basket and picking up a foul where he hit one of the two. In the next play Owens pulls up for a three and banks it making it 7 to 6 Lakers. A little bit later in the … Continue readingThe Lakers MLK Day Thrashing

The Falcons Are Fine

Don’t get off the bandwagon just yet After suffering their first loss to the Bills in the new Mercedez-Benz Dome, the Falcons definitely have some questions to answer. NFL projections had the Dirty Birds coming into this game as a 6-point favorite, but injuries and controversial calls took their toll as the game went on. To the naked eye, losing to the Bills at home can seem like a pretty devastating loss when the season was beginning to look so perfect. But fear not; the time for panicking has yet to come, as there is still plenty to look forward … Continue readingThe Falcons Are Fine