Advice from the Small Business Venture Orientation

By Dwain Jones -Bent Tree Staff On February 28, 2018, Dr. Cheryl Greenerl hosted a small event for future and current small business owners who are looking for helpful information on startups, and she serves a position as the Small Business Development Center Program Coordinator at Clayton State University. In order to start a small business, you must complete a Business Plan Workbook as Dr. Greenerl gives the following statement: “I am the gatekeeper.” The reason why she details this statement is because she assists small business owners with client program development, marketing and delivery. She will accept the workbook … Continue readingAdvice from the Small Business Venture Orientation

Sex and College- Do they mix?

When you hear the word “abstinence”, what does that word mean to you? What about the words “sexual risk avoidance”?   As college students, college is a time of new beginnings, learning, and self-discovery. It is supposed to be that way, right? Unfortunately, on that path of self-discovery and new beginnings, some might have a little extra fun while they are at it.   I get it. We are humans. Sex is an important part to relationships for some, while others can’t live without it. But why rush to have it, when you are trying to figure yourself out in … Continue readingSex and College- Do they mix?