Advice From Active Students- SAC Fitness Center

Chania Forte, a sophomore Criminal Justice student from Atlanta, encourages students to, “eat healthy and exercise. Even when you get caught up going to classes.”     Davena Smith, a senior Health and Fitness from Valdosta GA, motivates Clayton State students by exercising at least three days a week even with busy class schedules.     Drinking water can be for a lot of people, but senior accounting major Montavious Coggins makes it his goal to “drink at least a gallon of water everyday.”   Just getting started exercising? Check out the ACSM video series on how to do it … Continue readingAdvice From Active Students- SAC Fitness Center


Everyone has that point in their college career, where their mind is completely closed for business and their body is subconsciously being controlled by a force called graduation. Where mornings become a moment of hatred and the alarm clock becomes a newfound enemy. When every assignment is a step closer to being a breakdown and the thought of becoming an exotic dancer, tip toe in an out of your thoughts sporadically. These symptoms aren’t to be taken lightly, simply because Senioritis is an extreme matter that should be handled immediately. Senioritis is defined as “the decline in motivation or performance … Continue readingSenioritis

You vs. The World: How one person can change the perspective of others

Written by Hope Dickson The saying “There is strength in numbers” is an old proverb that we may have had heard at some point in our lives. Sound familiar?   We are going to talk about numbers for a minute. Now, I have never been good at math so bear with me on this.   Last year, Clayton State University reported that there are 6,996 students that go to their campus according to the CSU website. You are 1 out of that 6,996 in statistics, or you make up .14 percent of Clayton State’s population.   Let’s think a little … Continue readingYou vs. The World: How one person can change the perspective of others