The SNES Classic is Here! …and you can’t get one

Ah yes, Nintendo is at it again with the release of yet another piece of nostalgic glory that is the SNES Classic Edition. Much like the NES classic that released last year, this console is a miniature version of its original fat boy predecessor the SNES with a few new features like the added  HDMI port for your HDTV (or 4k if you’re not a broke college student like myself) viewing pleasure. With 21 classic games such as Earthbound, Super Mario World and a previously unreleased Star Fox 2 headlining the list, it proves an easy task for gamers everywhere … Continue readingThe SNES Classic is Here! …and you can’t get one

Netlfix’s ‘Big Mouth’ Review: Potty Mouth 

At a glance, you may not want to watch Netflix’s newest animated show ‘Big Mouth’. The animation seems weird, everyone’s mouth is…well…really big, and the premise of watching a bunch of middle schoolers figure out their bodies and personal lives doesn’t really seem all that exciting. Then you see its TV-MA. Then you see the all-star voice cast of Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, and Jordan Peele. Then you’re watching. Expect the fourth wall to be broken and your mouth to be wide open because this show is not shy about its content and comes right at you with … Continue readingNetlfix’s ‘Big Mouth’ Review: Potty Mouth