Alan Xie “Clayton State’s Legendary Artist” Interview

  How to See, Instead of How to Draw By J. Holden Gregory -Bent Tree Staff             Clayton State University’s art program is beneficial to students of all majors; allowing each student to see the world from a new perspective that will influence their work positively in all subjects. The art program offers a minor in art with a concentration in studio art and art history. Students can finish the minor in just 18 credit hours by taking classes such as Drawing I, Art of the Modern World and 3-D Design.             Having taken art classes for many years and … Continue readingAlan Xie “Clayton State’s Legendary Artist” Interview

Advice from the Small Business Venture Orientation

By Dwain Jones -Bent Tree Staff On February 28, 2018, Dr. Cheryl Greenerl hosted a small event for future and current small business owners who are looking for helpful information on startups, and she serves a position as the Small Business Development Center Program Coordinator at Clayton State University. In order to start a small business, you must complete a Business Plan Workbook as Dr. Greenerl gives the following statement: “I am the gatekeeper.” The reason why she details this statement is because she assists small business owners with client program development, marketing and delivery. She will accept the workbook … Continue readingAdvice from the Small Business Venture Orientation

Why You Should Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Brand

By Dwain Jones Bent Tree Staff   Every day people are marketing themselves and their business by being able to identify their target audience, and showing a little personality as employers are keen to see a more human side, which shows that you market yourself as a well-rounded individual. You must also be technologically savvy so that you can use a vast selection of social networking sites to work from to better promote yourself. Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands through the forms of electronic media that is much different from the traditional methods of marketing. The … Continue readingWhy You Should Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Brand

Why My Creative Friends Drop-out of School

By Demiyah Grier – Bent Tree Staff  Being a Creative is like having 1000 tabs open your laptop computer, but these tabs are ideas, and the laptop computer is your mind. The mind is always wandering, dreaming, and filled with ideas on how to execute these brilliant ideas. For some Creatives, those internet tabs are tamable, and they could work to close them out one by one. We will call these Creatives dreamers. For others, several of those tabs need to be closed out quickly without any delay. We will call these creatives doers. Dreamers are practical, strategic, and are … Continue readingWhy My Creative Friends Drop-out of School

Visual & Performing Arts Career Fair

l To all the visual and performing arts majors, the VPA department will be hosting a career fair on March 16 from noon to 3:30 p.m. While located in the Music Education Building, you will be able to speak with professors and career reps. This is a great way to get your foot in the door! Bring a few copies of your resume and put your game face on. We hope to see you there!

How Safe Is Laker Village?

By Jessica Charman | Editor-in-Chief | Students living in Laker Village woke in the early hours of Wednesday morning by the sound of gunshots. Chief of Police, Bobby Hamil, confirmed the rumors in a 1:56 a.m. campus-wide emergency text stating, “Shots fired near 900 building of Laker Village. Suspect fled in Black Mustang.” Since the event, minimal information has been released. However, Hamil did send out a campus-wide email later on Wednesday which reported that the suspect “fired 2-3 rounds in the air” and also that “no female victim has reported the incident or been identified.” It appears that, with … Continue readingHow Safe Is Laker Village?

The Lakers MLK Day Thrashing

By John “Juice Man” Harden The Lakers came out well prepared and ready to play with Junior Justin Tuckson from Stafford, Virginia starting the game off with a three for the game’s first points. They decided early in the first half that they would make their presence felt in the paint with Redshirt Junior from Orlando, Florida JaCarl Owens driving to the basket and picking up a foul where he hit one of the two. In the next play Owens pulls up for a three and banks it making it 7 to 6 Lakers. A little bit later in the … Continue readingThe Lakers MLK Day Thrashing

Advice From Active Students- SAC Fitness Center

Chania Forte, a sophomore Criminal Justice student from Atlanta, encourages students to, “eat healthy and exercise. Even when you get caught up going to classes.”     Davena Smith, a senior Health and Fitness from Valdosta GA, motivates Clayton State students by exercising at least three days a week even with busy class schedules.     Drinking water can be for a lot of people, but senior accounting major Montavious Coggins makes it his goal to “drink at least a gallon of water everyday.”   Just getting started exercising? Check out the ACSM video series on how to do it … Continue readingAdvice From Active Students- SAC Fitness Center