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All inquires about advertising with The Bent Tree Newspaper should be directed to Jennifer DeMond, Student Media Advisor.  Email Avery


Advertising Rate Card:

Ad Rates

Ad Contracts for Campus & National/Local:

CSU Campus Contract

Off-Campus Contract


Advertising General Policies:

Advertising and Underwriting Acceptance Policy


All orders must be paid in advance. Cash, check, or money orders are accepted. No other forms of payment can be accepted. All orders must be accompanied by a signed Ad Space Agreement and Order. All invoiced advertisements are to be paid within 30 days of the publication date. Any advertisement requiring collection procedures shall incur up to a 30% surcharge, no exceptions. Overdue accounts (60 days +) must be paid in full before the advertiser can resume advertising. Overpayments cannot be accepted.  Only exact amounts can be accepted. No partial payments can be accepted.

The Bent Tree reserves the right to reject any copy deemed unacceptable for publication by decision of the Editor-in-Chief and Student Media Advisor, for any reason. Any advertisement resembling editorial or religious material must and will be clearly marked “Paid Advertisement.” The Bent Tree will not reserve space after the deadlines published in the Bent Tree’s rate card. The Bent Tree reserves the right to revise publication, deadline and fee schedule at any time. The Bent Tree reserves the right to use color purchased by the advertiser on other applicable pages of the same issue. Specific page placement is not guaranteed. Advertisements are placed on a “First come – first serve basis.”

Advertisers agree to release The Bent Tree from any and all liability regarding content of advertising copy printed. Any misprints due to error by The Bent Tree will be corrected either through a credit for an ad in a subsequent edition or a reprint. No refunds will be made. Should the Bent Tree fail to publish an advertisement on the requested publication date, the next available publication date will be substituted, or at advertiser’s request. The Bent Tree is not responsible for any losses or damages that may occur if an advertisement is not printed as scheduled. Any requests for credit or reprint should be made via email to the Student Media Advisor.

**Advertising rates and policies are subject to change.**

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