Why You Should Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Brand

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By Dwain Jones

Bent Tree Staff


Every day people are marketing themselves and their business by being able to identify their target audience, and showing a little personality as employers are keen to see a more human side, which shows that you market yourself as a well-rounded individual. You must also be technologically savvy so that you can use a vast selection of social networking sites to work from to better promote yourself. Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands through the forms of electronic media that is much different from the traditional methods of marketing. The reason why potential small business owners must understand the importance of digital marketing is that digital media is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, retailing, and social interaction. The available channels that digital marketers use at their disposal are wireless text messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards, etc.


I had the opportunity to interview a Clayton State student and marketing major, Cornelius Rhodes, who is the owner of an insurance agency which is called Country Financial. Rhodes started his company back in 2014, and he markets the insurance agency through the use of advertisements where he can find out where he could be competitive. He details, “My target market is pretty much anyone with an insurance need which ranges from auto, home or life insurance.” Rhodes even explain that he applies the concept, a Center of Influence (COI), to his marketing techniques. A Center of Influence is a person who can provide multiple opportunities for business versus having to market numerous potential clientele. He told me specifically that he finds digital marketing to be a useful tool, and Cornelius expressed, “I personally use Instagram, Snapchat or even LinkedIn to promote my agency so that I can garner a following.”


It is essential to remember that people desire brands they can easily find trustworthy and offers that can tailor to their needs and preferences. There are three keys to digital marketing to achieve success as you must manage complex customer relationships across a variety of channels. You have to respond and initiate dynamic customer interactions, and extract value from big data to make better decisions at a quick rate.

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