Why My Creative Friends Drop-out of School

By Demiyah Grier – Bent Tree Staff 

Being a Creative is like having 1000 tabs open your laptop computer, but these tabs are ideas, and the laptop computer is your mind.

The mind is always wandering, dreaming, and filled with ideas on how to execute these brilliant ideas. For some Creatives, those internet tabs are tamable, and they could work to close them out one by one.

We will call these Creatives dreamers. For others, several of those tabs need to be closed out quickly without any delay.

We will call these creatives doers. Dreamers are practical, strategic, and are not intimidated by time.

They understand that great things take time and do not mind the wait because the divine timing would be perfect. Doers are hasty and feel as though they have no time to waste.

Doers feel as though time is the best luxury and patience is only a lazy excuse for waiting. For a doer, school would take up too much of that valuable time that could be used for creating.

“My school situation was messed up from the beginning. When I ended up dropping out [of college], everything fell into place, and then I realized it [college] wasn’t in my destiny.”

Said entrepreneur Amari “Euro” Hudson of Atlanta. Hudson continued, “What I was going to school for, I felt like I could do on my own. I felt as though I did not have wait on a degree to follow my dreams when I could make them happen right now.”

When I heard this, I was not surprised because knowing Euro, he is definitely a doer. 24/7 he is either creating something or working on getting his name known around Atlanta.

I could only imagine him trying to do those things while carrying the responsibilities of school work.

When asked did he think he was losing anything by dropping out, he almost found the question comical replying, “My whole life is better now, what can I miss out on?”

I also caught up with a friend of mine, Dre. He too is a doer who believes that school put a constraint on his personal success.

“Me and my friends had it in our heads that were going to drop out of college, live our dreams, and get rich.” Said fashion designer Andre “Dre” of Atlanta.

After asking both Euro and Dre do they see themselves enrolling back into college in the future, they both denied that they ever would. Being a Creative in school is not impossible, but it is a task.

A personal task that takes willpower and bravery, but dropping out as a Creative takes the same amount of effort.

“As a Creative in school, it’s hard to keep your creative juices flowing while studying for tests and trying to balance a social life, student organizations, internships & relationships. Over time I realized instead of letting it overwhelm me, to use it as inspiration.”

Said painter Miche Mclver of Chicago, Communications and Media Studies major. As a fellow Dreamer, I agree with Mclver on constantly trying to find a balance between my studies and my craft.

You could definitely feel uninspired more frequently, whether it’s in school or your craft, but the only melody I found for that is to accept which one needs more of my time and let my energy naturally guide me to my next steps.

Usually, that always helps. “I balance perfecting my craft while working towards my degree by pacing myself. Whatever days I have free I use that time to study and shoot.” Said photographer Elysia Heard of Atlanta. Film Production major. 

Both dreamers and doers have plans they need to execute; they choose different ways to do so. There is no right or wrong way or an easier or harder way to go about channeling a path that works best for you to follow your dreams.

Everyone’s life path has a different route, so do only what makes you the happiest.

 “Your gut feeling is your inner compass” -Oprah

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