Advice from the Small Business Venture Orientation

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By Dwain Jones -Bent Tree Staff

On February 28, 2018, Dr. Cheryl Greenerl hosted a small event for future and current small business owners who are looking for helpful information on startups, and she serves a position as the Small Business Development Center Program Coordinator at Clayton State University. In order to start a small business, you must complete a Business Plan Workbook as Dr. Greenerl gives the following statement: “I am the gatekeeper.” The reason why she details this statement is because she assists small business owners with client program development, marketing and delivery. She will accept the workbook as long as the writing is neat or it can also be typed up in a word document as well. In the workbook, an entrepreneur must know their competitive advantage, and if you do not have an idea, then do not bother competing in the similar market.

During the orientation, Dr. Greenerl talked about the “Free Money” myth as small-business grants and interest-free loans do not exist, and it is sort of a running joke among small-business assistance programs. However, the myth to start a small business with “free money” has defied debunking for almost a decade as money circulates to local governments, state agencies, and nonprofits but not individuals. We discussed how to formulate a marketing plan as it mostly consists of learning who your target demographics are and how are you going to promote your products.

The orientation was an excellent way to absorb helpful terminologies if some students and other people decide to startup a business.

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