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Everyone has that point in their college career, where their mind is completely closed for business and their body is subconsciously being controlled by a force called graduation. Where mornings become a moment of hatred and the alarm clock becomes a newfound enemy. When every assignment is a step closer to being a breakdown and the thought of becoming an exotic dancer, tip toe in an out of your thoughts sporadically. These symptoms aren’t to be taken lightly, simply because Senioritis is an extreme matter that should be handled immediately.

Senioritis is defined as “the decline in motivation or performance in a student’s academics or attendance”, in which I believe is nothing new for me, but that is neither here or there. But, this feeling is very common amongst seniors in college, seeing that the end is extremely close and schoolwork has constantly been a priority for multiple years. Students have become immune to the idea of being a student, that their mind is in need of a serious break. It’s common amongst college students and there are a few solutions and tips that can fix this problem efficiently and quite quickly.

First, remember that your purpose is to graduate and that you should end the semester firmly. Every assignment counts and every part of extra credit should be accessed for a rainy day, meaning there are assignments that you aren’t going to put 100 percent effort into. But, by completing the extra credit you are able to still have a boosting effect on your grades in the end. Secondly, create memories that you are able to reflect on and be proud of. Being a senior in college is one of the greatest achievements for me personally, so I’ve begun the process of recording my college journey and living life. You’re only at this point of life once, why not make it one to remember? Last and most importantly, keep a great support system around you. Those individuals keep you on top of assignments, accountable for missing assignments, and provide free therapy sessions when needed. They allow you to have your moments of vulnerability before abruptly saying get it together. Keep this group extremely close, because they will guide you towards the finish line.

So, even though you are experiencing that of Senioritis keep in mind that this moment is worth it. Don’t get extremely bogged down, but allow yourself to soak in the moment with the occasional outburst, profanity moment, and occasional sick days (aka ditch days). Hopefully these will keep you on track and grounded as you end your semester or year.

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