The SNES Classic is Here! …and you can’t get one

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Ah yes, Nintendo is at it again with the release of yet another piece of nostalgic glory that is the SNES Classic Edition. Much like the NES classic that released last year, this console is a miniature version of its original fat boy predecessor the SNES with a few new features like the added  HDMI port for your HDTV (or 4k if you’re not a broke college student like myself) viewing pleasure. With 21 classic games such as Earthbound, Super Mario World and a previously unreleased Star Fox 2 headlining the list, it proves an easy task for gamers everywhere to scream “Shut up and take my money!” However, much like last year, fans and would-be owners of the $79.99 console have been unable to find one since its release on the 29th of September.

My money finds itself alone in my pocket and my NES Classic sits cold by its lonesome as every major retailer continues to basically say the same thing: “We ain’t got it”. Even when pre-orders became available they would sell out in literally minutes or the site would crash due to the traffic of so many people trying to get one. Since its release, I have called major retailers daily and have yet to receive any information about when more units are coming in. The silver lining in all this is that the retailers have expressed they will most certainly be receiving more consoles “soon”.  Although there’s no specific time frame on when anyone will be getting more, it’s at least a good sign that retailers like GameStop remain optimistic about the number of units they will be receiving. I even called one Target in the metro-Atlanta area and they told me they received at least 45 units on release day excluding pre-orders, a significantly higher amount than the numbers I got last year.  Until then there are third-party sellers on EBay and Amazon willing to sell you an overpriced SNES too, so there’s always that option.

It’s still indeed a sad time for Nintendo fans seeing that the company promised to manufacture “significantly more” units of the SNES Classic in comparison to the disaster that was the NES Classic last year but my experiences have been quite parallel. These nostalgic gaming consoles were an incredibly smart idea from Nintendo, but the execution involved with releasing them has remained poor. Last year I had to call around to a variety of stores in an attempt just to try and FIND an NES Classic and ultimately had to camp out from midnight to store opening at a GameStop I’d never even heard of in the December cold just to get my NES Classic….and it looks like I’ll be doing close to the same thing again. True fans and loyal customers should not have to go to these extents to buy these consoles, no matter how sentimental or fun they are to play.

If you’re like me and haven’t been able to get your hands on one, remember to call your local retailer constantly to see when shipments are coming in so you can nab one this holiday season. If you’re not like me and already have one, sleep with it close to you…

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